CE mark for technical insulation products

CE what's in it for me?


From August 2012, all technical insulation products must be CE marked. This is done according to the following harmonised product standard: EN 14303 Thermal insulation products for building equipment and industrial installations – Factory made mineral wool (MW) products – Specification. When a product is CE marked, no other local product quality marks can be required on the European market. Voluntary quality marks are still allowed.

CE marking is a quality system that shows the performance of the product, not that the product is approved for a specific application. The mark shows that the product fulfils the declared properties and that it is safe to use. In all European countries, there are local regulations which define what properties a product needs in a certain application. It is important to check that the declared property fulfils the requirements for the specific application.

Product might be good as thermal insulation but has a very bad reaction to fire classification or water absorption, and if all properties are needed, you should choose a product with declared values that meets your needs.

In this site we explain properties that can be declared, how it is done and what is important to know when using CE marked technical insulation products.

It is the manufacturer of the product that has the responsibility to declare that every product put on the market fulfils the declared properties. The document which shows is a “Declaration of Conformity”. At Paroc we have taken this one step further and have a “Certificate of Conformity” which means that a third party surveys all products and that we at Paroc live up to what we promise.

Right product for your application

PAROC have a wide range of products, optimised for each specific application. High temperature, fire, condensation or other requirements, we have a solution. It is easy to find the right product due to the application-based names with PAROC Hvac, Pro and Marine products. For more information regarding the CE mark and our product range, please contact us.

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CE Mark for technical insulation products brochure

More information about CE standards you will find on CEN homepage